1.Shipping methods: DHL / Fedex / TNT / EMS / Air / Sea

After successful payment, our logistics staff will arrange the delivery of the goods for you as soon as possible.

Our acceptable delivery methods are mainly: DHL, Fedex, TNT, EMS and other international expresses as well as Air or Sea. For special delivery methods, please coordinate with us timely.

We make the best efforts to ensure the safe delivery of goods to your place of receipt.

2. Time of delivery:

Delivery time:    In stock, orders placed before 16:00 Beijing time can be shipped the same day

No inventory, orders placed before 16:00 Beijing time, we communicate with the factory and confirm the exact required time on the same day. It may need about 5-7 business days to arrange delivery.

Shipping duration:   Express delivery:   Asia, Australia, Europe - about 3 to 5 days;

Americas, Africa - about 4 to 7 days (in special circumstances, the duration can not be guaranteed, such as remote areas, strict import control areas, customs clearance exceptions. )

Air transport:    Direct flight - about 1 day, air transfer - about 2-5 days

Shipping:    Asia - about 18 days, Europe - about 28 days, the Americas - about 33 days (except for special ports and countries)

3. Goods weight

Express: delivery weight from 0.5kg to 150kg .

Air: delivery weight of more than 50kg

Shipping: delivery weight of more than 100kg

If these shipping services are not available in your area, please contact us to arrange other shipping method.